Social Studies: Grade 4
Unit: Uncovering Connecticut
Purposes: Physical Geography, Map Skills, Nonfiction Reading and Writing, Research Skills, 21st Century Skills
Essential Questions: What makes a place unique?

During this 4th grade unit of study, students study the geography of Connecticut through multimedia texts. The culminating product is a presentation produced in Animoto.

Desired Results

Common Core State Standards

CT Grade Level Expectations

Connecticut Mastery Test Objectives

Essential Questions

What makes a place unique?


The student will know...

The students will be able to...

Content Vocabulary

Assessment Evidence
Performance Tasks
Formative Assessments

Learning Plan
Discovery Streaming Videos
Notebooking Central: Physical Geography and Map Skills

Anchor Activities
Introduction: What makes a place unique? Students brainstorm in teams the answer to this question: What makes a place unique?

5 Themes of Geography: As students watch a video about the 5 themes of geography, they use a foldable to take notes. They use the information learned to create theme posters.
Discovery Streaming Video: 5 Themes of Geography
5 Themes Team Tasks
5 Themes Poster Scoring Guide
Connecticut Geography Foldable: Students create a top tab foldable with the headings: Location, Region, Place, Human-Environment Interaction, and Movement

Connecticut Location: Students use a variety of foldables to explore different ways to locate Connecticut.

How Connecticut Was Formed: Students learn about how Connecticut was formed.

A Unique Place-Uncovering Connecticut: Students apply their knowledge of Connecticut landforms and how Connecticut was formed to a mind map.

Connecticut Animotos: Students create Animoto digital stories about Connecticut's unique geological features.
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Student Examples