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Learning Plan
Junkbox Wars Experiments
Zoom Machine Create a "zoom machine" that will travel a distance
of 4 meters in the shortest amount of time.
Rocket Rally Create an air-powered rocket that will travel the greatest distance
Bottle Blasters Build a device that will launch a ball to knock over bottles and earn points!
Battle of the Boats Create a boat that will travel a specified distance in the shortest amount of time.
Air Glider Students construct air gliders to learn about the force of friction.

Eli Whitney Forces and Motion Project Kits
The Projects are ideal for individual discovery of for group activity. Each kit is complete and ready to be assembled with a minimum of tools, but is far from an end design!

Forces and Motion Hands On Science Over 40 Fantastic Experiments

Castle by David Macauley

The Forces that Move Us
Max Axiom: Super Scientist

Anchor ActivitiesPart One: Forces and Motion
Introduction to Forces and Motion: What are some words to describe how you move when you are on amusement park rides? What is the ride doing? What is happening to your body? How does it make you feel?
The Forces that Move Us
Max Axiom: Super Scientist: Read Chapter One in Max Axiom: Super Scientist. As you read, tell students to raise their hand when you hear a forces and motion word. Stop and record the words on the chart as the students write them down on their note taking.

Forces and Motion 3/4 Book Foldables: Students make eight 3/4 book Foldables and label them with the following: concepts. force, push, pull, gravity, inertia, friction, acceleration

Forces and Motion Concepts: As students learn about each concept through hands-on experiments, online interactive games/activities, and movies, they will fill in the inside of each word on the Foldable with a definition, a sentence that shows they understand the word, a picture, and real-life example(s).

Push/Pull Scavenger Hunt and Classify Using a Venn Diagram

Gravity: Domino Drop or Egg Drop

Friction: Air Glider Experiment and Car Down a Ramp Using Different Surfaces Experiment

Performance Assessment: Junk Box War Experiments: Choose from Junk Box War Experiments to assess knowledge of concepts/terms.

Part Two: Simple Machines

Introduce the Team Challenge: You will be designing a castle (or an arcade game). Your castle (or arcade game) will need to include 6 simple machines. We will be learning about the simple machines and taking notes.