Inside Outside Circle

Divide class in half by counting 1,2, 1,2,1,2... All of the 1s form a circle inside facing out. All of the 2s form a circle facing in so that the 1s are facing a 2. Students discuss the question with the person they are facing for one minute until you call time. The outside circle moves one person and discusses either the same question or another question.

Numbered Heads Together

Students are placed in groups and each person is given a number (from one to the maximum number in each group). Pose a question and students "put their heads together" to figure out the answer. Call a specific number to respond as spokesperson for the group. By having students work together in a group, this strategy ensures that each member knows the answer to problems or questions asked by the teacher. Because no one knows which number will be called, all team members must be prepared.

Think, Pair, Share

Give students time to respond to the question in writing. Then turn to a partner and share your responses. Do a quick whole group share.

Turn and Talk

Give students a set amount of time to talk about the question. When it is time, starting counting down from 10. At one, all talking must stop.