Connecticut Mastery Test Strands and Objectives

Strand A: Forming a General Understanding (The reader will demonstrate understanding of the text’s general content.)
Strand B: Developing Interpretation (The reader will construct an interpretation and/or explanation of the text and connect the text to outside knowledge.)
Strand C: Making Reader-Text Connections (The reader will connect or associate the text with one’s own life.)
Strand D: Examining
Content & Structure
(The reader will
elaborate on the text
and make judgments
about the text’s quality
and themes.)
  1. Determine the main idea (non-fiction) or them/lesson (fiction) within a written work.
  2. Identify or infer important characters, problems, settings, events, relationships and details within a written work
  3. Select and use relevant information from the text in order to summarize events of the text.
  4. Use information from the text to make a prediction based on what is read.
  5. Use context clues to determine meanings of unknown or multiple meaning words or figurative language.
  1. Identify or infer the author’s use of structure and organizational patterns.
  2. Draw conclusions about the author’s purpose for choosing a genre or including or omitting specific details in a written work.
  3. Use stated or implied evidence from the text to draw and/or support a conclusion.
  1. Make connections between the text and outside experiences and knowledge.
  2. Select, synthesize and/or use relevant information within a written work to write a personal response to the text.
  1. Analyze and evaluate the author’s craft, including use of literary devices (such as simile, metaphor, imagery, and personification) and/or textual elements (non-fiction).
  2. Select, synthesize, and/or use relevant information within a written work(s) to extend or evaluate the work(s).
  3. Demonstrate an awareness of author’s or character’s values, customs, and beliefs included in the text.
Taken from: Connecticut State Department of Education website (new Generation 4 CMT Reading Strands/Objectives)